Quickbooks Enterprise DSD Software

DSD software was something once reserved for companies with millions of dollars to spend. Today, fast growing distributors want affordable software designed for direct store delivery that integrates directly with their QuickBooks.

LaceUp is the #1 direct store delivery software for QuickBooks users looking to streamline their distribution operation. LaceUp integrates directly with QuickBooks, and adds the mobile functionality to increase route sales, minimize inventory theft and increase overall efficiency from your office to the field.

QuickBooks DSD Software Integration

QuickBooks DSD Software Features

Lot Tracking on LaceUp's DSD Software for QuickBooks

Lot Tracking Number

With LaceUp’s DSD software, sales reps will be able to assign lot numbers to each invoice. At the end of the day, the lot numbers that were assigned to the invoice are transmitted to QuickBooks. In QuickBooks you’ll be able to track lot numbers forever. If you don’t have LaceUp yet, you can start learning how to track lot numbers by hand in QuickBooks Pro for free.

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Assigning Client Groups To Sales Reps

In QuickBooks you can assign a particular sales rep to a client. LaceUp respects this assignation, and will only show your sales reps whatever you client details you’d like for them to see. As a plus in LaceUp DSD Software you can also assign more than one sales rep to the same client or assign a sales rep to a customer group. Those route accounting features that LaceUp have will facilitate the sales route assignation for sales reps and drivers.

Accounts Receivable

LaceUp can pull your accounts receivable information directly from QuickBooks. This will enable your route sales reps to view open balances and collect on overdue open invoices with higher frequency.

Manage Multiple Warehouse Locations

All inventory transfers in QuickBooks, where inventory goes from your main warehouse into a trick, reflect in your sales rep’s smartphone. When orders or returns are created in the field, the inventory will fluctuate. At the end of the day this inventory will sync with that in QuickBooks and show you exactly what should be on each truck.

DSD Software Price


The order taking features enables you to collect and apply cash or check payments to any open invoice. Created payments can then be exported and applied directly in QuickBooks.