Sage 100 Mobile Sales App

Sage 100, which is formerly known as MAS 90, is a fully integrated business management application that offers advanced accounting and wholesale-distribution functionality. With more than 25 modules to choose from, you can add integrated e-commerce, point of sale and CRM solutions. The vast selection of modules in additional to its core functionality are designed to meet and exceed the needs of any growing business.


Whether you do DSD or Pre-Sale, LaceUp’s mobile sales app for Sage 100 is meant to give wholesale distributors full control over your sales team. With API level integration, LaceUp is able to export order data, inventory data and customer data directly to your Sage 100 system. Conversely, sales reps in the field can access customer lists, product lists and inventory information while creating orders. All of these features integrate in a mobile package for Android and iOS designed to make your reps more productive and increase your sales as a result.

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Sage 100 Mobile Sales App Features

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Create, Print & Send Invoices

The most important part of any business is to successfully make sales. With this sage 100 mobile sales app, your sales reps will be able to create & print orders, capture signatures, and transmit invoice data directly to your Sage 100. Whether your sales reps are pre-sale or DSD, they will be able to sell quickly and reliably on demand.

Order Template

LaceUp is a cutting-edge sage 100 mobile sales app because it is engineered to dramatically decrease the time your sales reps spend with each customer. With access to previous order history, the mobile sales app generates a custom order template for each of your customers. This template includes previously sold prices, previously sold quantities and moving averages. Because all you have to do is type product quantities for each item, orders that used to take minutes to write now take seconds.

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On-Hand Control

At every stage of your inventory and warehouse operations, the sage 100 mobile sales app will monitor on-hand inventory. Whether your sales reps do pre-sale or DSD, they will always have access to inventory levels right on their mobile device. This means that you can prevent lost sales or shipment delays caused by sales reps selling inventory that you don’t have in stock. At the end of the day, this means that you will be able to get product into the hands of your customers quickly and efficiently.


The sage 100 mobile sales app offers a large variety of reports to monitor sales and employee performance. Reports can be printed right from the mobile sales app using a BlueTooth printer or from a traditional Windows PC. For example, some reports include:

  • Sales by item
  • Returns and credits by item
  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by rep
  • DSD truck inventory reconciliation
  • Collected payments
  • End of day reconciliation