Sage 50 Mobile Sales App

Sage 50, which is formally known as Peachtree, enables wholesale distributors to manage payroll, accounting and payments seamlessly. Most importantly, it manages these three components in one of the securest packages on the market. LaceUp is the ideal Sage 50 Mobile Sales App because it integrates directly with Sage 50. This allows you to manage orders, inventory and most wholesale distribution operations from any mobile device in the field.

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Sage 50 Mobile Sales App Features

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Taking Orders

As a Sage 50 mobile sales app, LaceUp enables your reps to take orders on the go from any mobile device. In addition to taking orders, sales reps capture signatures and print invoices on mobile Bluetooth printers. At the end of the day, manual order entry is eliminated because orders and invoices created on this Sage 50 mobile sales app can be sent directly to your Sage 50.

Payment Collection

For companies that do direct store delivery, drivers often collect payments on their route. With this Sage mobile sales app, your sales reps can now collect cash or check payments and apply them towards any new or existing invoice. All payments collected on the mobile sales app are summarized in a report for reconciliation and can be exported directly to Sage 50 to eliminate manual data entry.

UPC Scanning

LaceUp has partnered with Zebra to provide integration with the Symbol TC55 and TC70. With these devices, items can be scanned into and out of each truck. Moreover, items can be added to an order with a scan, thus minimizing errors and the time your direct store delivery driver has to spend at each stop.

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Credits & Returns

Damaged or slow moving merchandise is a daily occurrence for most wholesale distributors. This Sage mobile sales app enables you to credit your customers for damaged goods or buy back slow moving products from one client to sell to another. All of this is tracked in the Sage mobile sales app inventory and can be accounted for at the end of day.

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DSD Inventory Tracking

Out of the box, Sage 50 comes with many of the tools necessary to manage stock in your main warehouse. The problem is that most distributors have multiple warehouses with multiple stock levels.


Keeping track of each warehouse is now possible using the LaceUp’s mobile sales app for Sage. This means that you are able to track what goes in and out of each truck on a daily basis. Moreover, as inventory fluctuates you no longer have to worry about shrinkage. At the end of the day, reconciliation is done in seconds with a simple report that breaks down remaining inventory and sales per item.

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Lot Traceability

Lot traceability is perhaps the hardest part of a wholesale distribution company. Whenever something goes wrong with a product, companies often find themselves thumbing through paper invoices to figure out which lot went where. With LaceUp’s mobile sales app for Sage, lots are recorded and placed on the invoice at the point of sale. When the invoice is sent to Sage 50, lot numbers are exported as well. In the case of a problem, lot numbers can be searched for and traced in an instant.

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Special Offers

In an effort to generate more sales, wholesale distributors often create special offers to entice customers to purchase more product. With this Sage mobile sales app, special offers can be created and sent to each mobile device where they can be added to an order in the field. With this, sales reps can up-sell or cross-sell additional products at a given stop, thus increasing order size and profits as a result.