B2B Self-Service App

LaceUp Self Service App is an add-on application for LaceUp’s DSD software solutions that allows your customers to place orders directly from their iPhone or Android phones into your DSD system. Your customer can select the products from your catalog, view their previous purchases, as well as stock and promotion availability. LaceUp’s B2B Self-Service App gives you the perfect tool to balance the tradeoff between drop size and store sales. You will reduce fulfillment time, decrease sales costs, optimize delivery costs, and improve customer satisfaction and overall profit.

  • Create purchase orders into your DSD software.
  • Applies to single store owners and small retail chains.
  • Orders created are sent for preparation on a set date.

  • The customer can view authorized products and pricing for their store/chain.
  • Promotions and temporary price reductions are shown for the items selected.
  • Works on Android and iPhones.

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Customer authorization

From the user screen in your DSD LaceUp software, you can select the customer you want to authorize as a user of the LaceUp B2B Self-Service App, very much like you manage your sales reps. It can be a single or multiple store customer. Once you have defined the permissions and stores for that user, you proceed to invite him to load the B2B Self-Service App by email or SMS. Once the customer accepts the invitation, the App is installed into his cell phone.

Purchase order creation

LaceUp’s Service App offers many tools for the store to create orders quickly and efficiently from a cell phone. The customer has an order template at his disposal.  There they can view his purchase history, stock availability, authorization status, and a catalog of store authorized products. The wanted products are added to the order with a simple click, showing the regular and special prices, and whether there are any price reductions or special promotions.

Order delivery

Once the customer completes the order and clicks on “place order”, it goes into your DSD LaceUp’s software, in the same way presales from your sales rep do. From this point, you can proceed to schedule the order delivery.