Accounting System Integrations

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Quickbooks DSD Software

Direct store delivery software was something once reserved for companies with millions of dollars to spend. Today, fast growing distributors want an affordable accounting system integration designed to streamline direct store delivery operations directly with their QuickBooks. Learn More >

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QuickBooks Online DSD Software

QuickBooks Online is the #1 cloud accounting software in the USA. With QuickBooks Online DSD Software, any wholesale distribution company can track most accounting transactions for a fraction of the cost of more expensive and robust accounting systems. LaceUp has developed a QuickBooks online app that allows you to combine all of the capabilities of QuickBooks Online with the ability to manage sales reps and process orders from anywhere in the field.

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Route Accounting Software

QuickBooks Mobile Mobile Invoicing

LaceUp is the ideal QuickBooks mobile app because it fills the gaps in that the QuickBooks desktop service so well. QuickBooks desktop is great at accounting, but it lacks many of the features that businesses need to process orders. For example, being able to manage your sales reps, create mobile invoices, scan UPC’s, and advanced delivery tools. Learn More >

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Sage 100 Mobile Sales App

LaceUp’s mobile sales app for Sage 100 is meant to give wholesale distributors full control over your sales team. With API level integration, LaceUp is able to export order data, inventory data and customer data directly to your Sage 100 system. Learn More >

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Sage 50 Mobile Sales App

LaceUp is the ideal mobile sales app for Sage, it integrates directly with Sage 50. This allows you to manage orders, inventory and most wholesale distribution operations from any mobile device in the field. Learn More >

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SAP DSD Solutions

LaceUp has developed a mobile app for SAP Business One that integrates directly with SAP integral modules to help wholesale distributors increase field sales, track mobile warehouses, and increase sales rep productivity. Learn More >

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

Dynamics Great Plains integration available. Learn More >

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Microsoft Navision

Microsoft Navision integration available. Learn More >

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FishBowl Inventory Integration 

LaceUp is the ideal mobile app for Fishbowl because it lets your sales reps take pricing information, product information and client details with them on the go. Learn More >

Accounting System Integration

Custom Accounting Systems Integrations

To start a conversation about a Custom Accounting System Integration for any accounting system, please reach out to the integrations team. Learn More >