SAP DSD Solution

SAP Business One is a premium enterprise resource planning software designed for small and medium sized businesses. Business One is arranged into 14 modules covering broad functions for a variety of different businesses. Modules like inventory, manufacturing and sales enable any wholesale distribution enterprise to make intelligent business decisions that increase profits and productivity. In addition to this, SAP Business One will cover virtually all aspects of business including accounting, logistics and customer relationship management. LaceUp has developed a mobile app for SAP Business One that integrates directly with these integral modules to help wholesale distributors increase field sales, track mobile warehouses, and increase sales rep productivity.

SAP DSD Solution integration

How the integration works

The SAP DSD Solution for SAP Business One is directly integrated with the SAP’s server software that runs on Microsoft SQL server. This means that information flows freely from SAP to LaceUp’s SAP DSD Solution for SAP Business One’s software development kit. The integration tool on LaceUp allows you to import and export invoice data, inventory data, customer data with SAP Business One. With this, your business can use the mobile app to eliminate manual data entry and increase order-processing speed while decreasing the time it takes to service your customers. Below, you can see the ways that you can use LaceUp’s Mobile App for SAP Business One in your business.

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Using direct store delivery as a sales channel has proven to be a profitable way for SAP Business One users to get product from warehouses to customers for decades. Although the method is sound, the problem is that most small to medium DSD companies haven’t had a way to tie in what happens in the field to their back office systems. With LaceUp’s Mobile SAP DSD Solution, your enterprise gets total control over inventory and sales out of mobile warehouses. This means that orders, inventory, and payment information tie directly into your back-end SAP Business One server. As a result, you can monitor what your drivers are selling as well as what they are doing to eliminate any shrinkage and inefficiencies that may be present in your DSD process.

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Pre-selling is the distribution practice that involves sending a sales rep to visit a customer to take their order in person. Typically, a driver delivers the order the following day or some day in the future. The Mobile SAP DSD Solution allows your sales reps to take these orders on an Android or iOS device, and send them directly to SAP Business One. From here, the order can be picked, packed and delivered. Moreover, the mobile app tracks sales rep locations to verify that each of your clients is getting serviced in person and not over the phone. This means that you get total control over how sales reps are managing time, creating orders, and more importantly how your clients are being serviced. Moreover, the Mobile App tracks sales reps to make sure that they are actually making their allocated stops.

SAP Consulting Partners

Consultare is a boutique ERP consulting company. We help our clients increase their business efficiency and visibilty by implementing our SAP Business One solutions designed specifically for the business and it’s industry. All while providing support and serving as a trusted consultant.