Sales Rep App

The LaceUp Sales Rep App makes it easy for a sales rep to go to a customer and generate a sales order with a future delivery date. With the sales rep app every distributor will see a sales boost by giving the sales rep an easy-to-use catalog, up to the minute pricing, and live inventory values. With these tools the sales rep will be able to create sales orders and send them to the back-office accounting system in a couple of taps.

Sales rep using an invoicing app to create an invoice

  • Create & send sales orders instantly
  • Collect payments and decrease receivables
  • Negotiate different prices for different customers
  • Manage authorized products to minimize selling errors
  • Stimulate product sales with promotions including temporary price reductions and BOGOs
  • Credit customers on the same sales order or on a separate credit memo

  • Manage the time and location from where your sales reps order
  • Work with or without network connectivity
  • Minimize order errors with scanning
  • Get live sales reporting
  • 100% ERP integration to eliminate manual data entry

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Mobile Sales Order Creation

LaceUp’s Sales Rep app offers many tools to create sales orders quickly and efficiently from the field. The sales rep has at their disposal an order template where they can view the customer purchase history, price history, warehouse inventory, and weekly average sales. Furthermore, the sales rep can add products using a search function, barcode scanning, customer order history and an image-rich catalog.

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Credit Memo Creation

Most accounting systems fail to manage credits properly because they increase inventory when they post into the accounting system. Credits come in two forms, good or bad. Good credits are returned to the warehouse and increase inventory whereas bad credits are thrown away and do not affect inventory. Even though dumps do not affect inventory, distribution companies must have the ability to track the expense of dumped items for tax purposes. When issuing credits, the Sales Rep App lets you choose whether the item that you are picking up is a good or bad credit. Not only this, but the system enables you to place credit items on the same document as sales items or you can create a separate credit memo and sales order.

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Price Management

In the DSD industry, it is common to see prices fluctuate from customer to customer. Some customers pay more for your products and others pay less. The LaceUp Sales Rep App lets you create over 1000 price levels and associate them with any customer or customer group. Price levels can be modified at the product level to allow the user maximum flexibility with pricing. All price levels created in the back office reflect directly in the app so that sales reps can worry about selling instead of worrying about potential pricing mistakes.

DSD Software Promotion And Special Pricing


During special occasions or holidays, it is common to put certain products on promotion. Promotions enable you to move more products by incentivizing the customer to purchase product at a lower price over a certain date range. Not only can you set temporary price reductions but you can also set up buy and get free promos.  All promotions created in the admin back office are shown to the sales rep in the field so that they can move more product and increase sales.

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Sales Rep Tracking

Almost every distributor has issues with sales reps taking sales orders from the comfort of their home. With the LaceUp sales rep app the distributor can track the whereabouts of the sales rep and how long the sales rep was visiting the customer. This will ensure that the sales rep spends their time selling instead of being a lazy order taker.

Back-Office and ERP Integration

LaceUp Sales Rep synchronizes with the back-office, sending presales to the warehouse for delivery, allowing Track sales rep location, and managing the sales rep workload. It also has a reporting system that lets you view Sales per sales rep, Sales per customer, and Sales per item. Laceup’s Sales Rep integrates with more than 15 popular ERP software, including QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft, and NetSuite.

Sales Rep App Features
Sales Order Creation
Store Product catalog with images
Store price list
Order history
Projection Template
Barcode Scanning
Allowable price changes
Manager Signature
View Live Warehouse Inventory
Catch Weight Support
Time Management
Sales Rep Tracking
No Service Reasons
Mobile presale & Printing
Put Sales & Credits On The Same document
Collecting Payments
Capturing Signatures
Promotions management
Promotion list for the store
Temporary Price Reduction
BOGO - Buy one get one free
Mix and Match Pricing
ERP Synchronization
QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Online
Sage BusinessWorks
Sage 50
Sage 100/MAS 90
Sage 300
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains
Microsoft Dynamics Navision
Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics Just Food ERP
SAP Business One & B1 HANA
FishBowl Inventory Software
Acctivate Inventory Software
Windows Desktop
Windows Desktop Hosted In The Cloud

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