A Motorola TC55 with a mobile invoice software installed, connected to a DEX Cable to transfer invoices

DEX Direct Data Exchange is a standard designed for the grocery industry, and is often required when distributing to larger grocery retailers. LaceUp now lets you do DEX for the first time using any Android device and a DEX cable.
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Direct Store Delivery Software for Zebra tc55 and zebra printer zq50

Perfect for retail distribution, convenience store distribution, restaurant supply and other business situations.
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Mobile invoicing and printing - Zebra printer imz320 and zebra tc55

Offers distribution companies of all sizes next generation technology on the iPhone and Android that enables your sales reps to create, print and send invoices to your customers on the go.
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Sales rep holding a phone infront of some diferent produce, using a sales rep software to create an invoice using a digital invoice template

LaceUp provides an ordering app for sales reps designed to increase productivity for Android and iOS devices.
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Direct Store Delivery Software and order entry software for quickbooks

LaceUp offers plug play order entry software that integrates with just about any ERP system. This enables your team to generate more sales while decreasing costly errors and wasted time.
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