B2B Wholesale Ecommerce

LaceUp B2B Ecommerce software solution is a private WEB store that LaceUp has developed for their DSD software customers. With LaceUp B2B Wholesale Ecommerce your customers can place orders through your WEB store. The orders placed can be downloaded into your LaceUp DSD system. Your customer can select the products from your catalog, view their previous purchases, as well as stock and promotion availability. With LaceUp B2B Wholesale Ecommerce you can expand your sales channel reducing sales costs and improving customer satisfaction and overall profit.

  • Information management in the store through LaceUp DSD software
  • Allows grouping of products by categories and sub-categories
  • Can show all products or just the newly added

  • Handles multiple units of measure
  • Discounts and temporary price reductions are shown for the selected items

WEB store information management

Laceup creates a private WEB store linked to your DSD system. The management of information in the store is done through an Ecommerce tab that LaceUp adds to your LaceUp DSD software. You can select the products you want to sell in the WEB store, grouped by categories and sub-categories. The selected products are displayed in the “store” tab, with their image, price, and promotions.

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Customer invitation

From the user screen in your DSD LaceUp software, you can select the customers you want to invite to buy in the WEB store. This invitation is sent to your customers’ email. Once the customer accepts the invitation and signs in, the software takes him to the store tab.

Placement of orders

From the store tab, the customer can view the products with their price and units available. They can select the products they want to buy by clicking on the ”Add to Cart” button. In the “cart” tab your customer can see the products selected to buy, along with quantities, units of measure, and regular and discounted prices. He can modify the order, continue buying or proceed to checkout.

Order fulfillment

From the Ecommerce tab of your LaceUp DSD software, you can download the orders placed through the WEB store. The orders downloaded are prepared for delivery, in the same way presales from your sales rep do.