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  • Price Levels (on LaceUp) to change the prices for certain customers
    • Open LaceUp on your computer
    • Click on “Products” then “Price Level”
    • If you want to create a new Price Level press the “New” box
    • Enter the name of your new Price Level
    • Select the Price Level Type one line below and change variation as requested (if by %)
    • Click on “Apply”
    • Your item list will populate, edit the custom price to what you want on the most right column
    • Press “Close
    • Press “Customers” then “Customer Fields”
    • Select which Price Level you want for the customer then Pick your level at the “Price Lvl” dropdown menu/box on the right 
    • Press “Close” then “Yes” to refresh customer information
  • If you want to Edit a previous Price Level
    • Select the Price Level you want to alter
    • Press “Edit”
    • Alter the values you want
    • Press “Close
    • Press “Yes” to refresh customer information


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