Route Delivery Software

Taking an order and delivering a paper invoice by hand can be a hassle, specially if the orders start accumulating due to lack of time and personnel. LaceUp’s Route Delivery Software lets you take and create delivery orders in our system, assign them to a specific driver, and invoice customers from the the field using a mobile device and thermal printer. Once done, invoices can be transmitted back to your accounting system.

Route Delivery Software

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Proof Of Delivery

LaceUp’s mobile app lets your driver view and modify all deliveries assigned for the day, collect signatures, and print the final invoice wirelessly using a thermal printer on the spot.

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Track Truck Inventory

Tracking your truck’s inventory on a spreadsheet and counting it every time your drivers end the day is a nightmare. With LaceUp, you get an exact count of your incoming inventory from pre-orders, as well as End of Day reports that tell you what was sold, what was returned, and what your ending inventory is. Never worry about having to keep track of inventory again.

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Credit Memos And Returns

LaceUp lets your drivers in the field create credits for their customers for any damaged or stale merchandise. In addition to this, drivers can buyback merchandise that is not moving. Our system keeps track of everything that is dumped or returned to inventory. This makes it a perfect fit for any DSD company, and also great tool to maintain excellent customer service.

Route Delivery Software And Inventory Tracking

Reship Order Feature

If the order can’t be delivered, you can reship it back to the office, where it can be reassigned to another day or driver. That way you won’t have to create another delivery from scratch.

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Invoice History

Have access to all invoice history from your customers to see what they bought and the price they paid for it. More importantly, see your customers’ accounts receivable and collect payments on outstanding or overdue invoices. In Route Deliver, time efficiency is the key.

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100% Quickbooks Compatible

Our system integrates 100% with Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. It is able to pull customers, sales reps, price levels, and infinite custom fields. We adapt to your system without affecting your current setup.