DSD Software

The LaceUp DSD Software is the #1 solution for wholesale distributors looking to increase sales and minimize waste on delivery routes. LaceUp is designed on the Android system, which means that you’ll be able to automate processes at the most affordable prices ever seen in the DSD industry. Whether your business has 2 routes or 200, the LaceUp DSD software will help eliminate manual data entry and wasteful man hours at any DSD company by over 97%. Below you will find the features that make the LaceUp DSD Software the #1 solution on the market.

DSD Software Features

mobile invoicing and printing quotes


The most important component of any distribution business looking for a DSD Software is sales. LaceUp has made it easier than ever to invoice a customer in a couple of taps. With the order template, the driver can see a history of each item the customer has ordered in the past. To add product to an order the user simply taps a button and inputs the quantity for each item. The order template shows the driver the previous sales, pricing, and weekly average sales of the product. With this template it has never been easier to train the most technically challenged drivers in a few minutes.

DSD Software Credit


Just like invoices and sales orders, credits are a critical component of any DSD Software. Most accounting systems fail to manage credits properly because credits post to the accounting system and increase inventory. In the real world credits can either be good or bad. Good credits are returned to the warehouse and increase inventory whereas dumps are credits that do not affect inventory and go to the trash. Even though dumps do not affect inventory, distribution companies must have the ability to track the expense of dumped items for tax purposes. When creating a credit, the LaceUp DSD Software lets you choose whether the item that you are picking up is a dump or a return. Dumps or returns can be added on a separate credit invoice or deducted on a sales invoice for customers that are on COD terms.

mobile invoicing and printing in zebra ZQ520

DSD & Pre-Sales

In addition to direct sales where the driver sells direct from the truck, most distributors also do pre-sales. In pre-sales the distributor sends a salesman to the customer to generate a sales order prior to the delivery date. The LaceUp DSD Software lets you invoice from the truck, pre-sell or do both at the same time. Moreover, you can load pre-orders for a driver and enable the driver make adjustments and add credits to the order before finalizing the invoice. By the end of the visit the driver can collect a signature and print a finalized invoice that looks professional and goes automatically into the back office accounting system with all adjustments.

Lot Traceability Software for Quickbooks

Lot Traceability

When it comes to consumer safety local and national governments have been cracking down on the distributors who don’t track the location of their products. In the case of a recall, the distributor must be able to locate the recipient of a product with a certain lot number or expiration code. With the DSD Software you’ll be able to track products from the warehouse all the way to the point of sale. In the case of a recall or a government audit, run a simple report in two clicks to identify and inform any affected customers of the recall.

DSD Software Price


In the DSD industry it is common to see prices fluctuate from customer to customer. Some customers pay more for your products and others pay less. The LaceUp DSD Software lets you create over 1000 price levels and associate them to any customer or customer group. Price levels can be modified at the product level to allow the user maximum flexibility with pricing. All price levels created in the back office reflect directly in the app so that drivers can worry about selling instead of worrying about potential pricing mistakes.

DSD Software Promotion And Special Pricing


During special occasions or holidays, it is common to put certain products on promotion. Promotions enable you to move more product by incentivizing the customer to purchase product a lower price over a certain date range. Not only can you set temporary price reductions like this, but you also can set up buy and get free promos.  All promotions created in the admin back office are shown to the salesmen in the field so that they can move more product and increase sales.

Route Delivery Software And Inventory Tracking

Truck Inventory Management

Managing truck inventory by hand is one of the most time consuming processes for distribution companies. Normally this process is done on a clipboard and piece of paper out in the warehouse. In the morning, the warehouse checker writes down the quantities that are loaded onto each truck. When the driver returns from his route, the checker must take the invoices and total the quantities for each item. Next, the checker must subtract the total sales from the starting inventory to calculate the amount of product that should be left on the truck. This left over product is compared to what is actually on the truck to ensure that nothing is stolen. This process is time consuming, costly, and susceptible to human error. The only way to avoid these problems is to have an intuitive DSD Software in place. A DSD Software like this will track fluctuations to inventory throughout the day and will automatically provide an ending value for the checker. Consequently, the checker only has to count the left over inventory on the truck and the system will report whether the driver’s load is over or short.