Order Taking App

Sales reps are often the most important component of a wholesale distribution enterprise. When they are out in the field, any small delay or hiccup can make the difference between closing a major sale and lost income. LaceUp provides an order taking app for sales reps designed to increase productivity on Android and iOS devices.

Order Taking App Features

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Ordering Features

  • Create new orders
  • Create estimates
  • Create credit memos
  • Create returns
  • Email orders to customers
  • View previous order history
  • Print Orders
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Client Lists

  • Customer details and contact information
  • Direct phone call or email capability
  • Accounts receivable information
  • Integrated map and driving directions
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Product Lists

  • View pricing and multiple price levels
  • Product UPCs and scanning
  • Assign products to reps or customers
  • View product images
  • Group products into convenient categories
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Sales Rep Tracking

  • Track sales rep location
  • Manage sales rep work load

Instant Order Processing

  • Send orders directly to any accounting system
  • Send orders to warehouse for fulfillment


  • Sales per sales rep
  • Sales per customer
  • Sales per item