Route Accounting Software

LaceUp’s Route Accounting Software (RAS) is a simple system designed to increase your sales. You can capture, record, optimize routes and deliver sales transactions from your mobile phone whether you do direct store delivery or pre-sales. As a true route accounting solution, LaceUp  works with many different accounting systems, and is perfect for those that do direct store delivery including food distributors, beverage distributors, and most other distributors. 

Route Accounting Software Features

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Mobile Invoicing

The mobile invoicing side of LaceUp’s system enables your routes to invoice your customers on the go. Invoices can be created and signed for at the point of sale. Later, they can be printed using Zebra mobile printers wirelessly via Bluetooth. All invoices can be sent directly to your accounting system automatically when the day is completed.

Order Template & History

View pricing and accounts receivable history from your back office ERP system. With this information, your drivers can utilize an intelligent order template to up-sell and cross-sell products to your customers. Moreover, they can view any previous invoice to see what was sold and how much it was sold for. The order template is designed to decrease time taking orders and increase average order size while excelling at route accounting.

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Track Truck Inventory

Tracking fluctuations of inventory in mobile warehouses is a bottleneck for most distribution companies. You can track truck inventory on a simple spreadsheet, or you can use LaceUp.  With LaceUp, you can manage what goes into each truck inventory and monitor what comes out. This makes your route accounting experience easier because you no longer have to spend time calculating what was sold and what should be left on your trucks.

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Assign Sales Reps To Customer Groups

Keeping private information private is a key component for the success in route distribution. With our route accounting software, you can assign specific customer groups to your sales reps, which guarantees that your sales reps only see the information that you want them to see.

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Credit Memos And Returns

For a dsd company, giving good customer service is the difference between success and failure. LaceUp enables your sales reps to credit customers for bad merchandise or buy back slow selling merchandise to move elsewhere. As this is done, LaceUp keeps track of your inventory in each truck.

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Electronic Data Exchange (DEX) Support

As your dsd operation grows, your route accounting software will have to grow with you. Large retailers require invoices to be transferred electronically via DEX EDI. LaceUp enables you to get into the big retailers and DEX electronic invoices with the tap of a button. This technology is designed and priced to scale with your distribution enterprise.