Quickbooks Online DSD Software

QuickBooks Online is the #1 cloud accounting software in the USA.  With QuickBooks Online, any wholesale distribution company can track most accounting transactions without the needs of a more robust system. LaceUp has developed a QuickBooks online DSD software that manages Quickbooks inventory and process invoices from anywhere in the field. 

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QuickBooks Online DSD Software Feature

Multi-Warehouse Management

Keeping track of the inventory in each of your trucks with QuickBooks Online is now simple. The Quickbooks Online DSD Software from LaceUp allow to track QuickBooks inventory and manage salesman van inventory fluctuation. The inventory on each truck fluctuates daily when orders, credits, and returns are created. At the end of the day, your reps can print reports that depict what was sold and what should be left on each truck.

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Cash And Check Payments

LaceUp engineered its Quickbooks Online DSD Software to be able to collect payments on open invoices. When a cash or check payment is collected, it can be applied to an open invoice from a customer. All collected payments go from the Direct Store Delivery App to your QuickBooks Online with a click of a button.

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Assigning Sales Rep Routes

Providing important information to sales reps can often make the difference between a success and failure at any company. The Quickbooks Online DSD Software allows you to organize the data that sales reps see for each of your clients by assigning clients to sales reps. Every time a sales rep is assigned to a client, a route can be created for each day of the week so that you can monitor when and where your clients are visited.

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Creating & Printing Invoices

The Quickbooks Online DSD Software from LaceUp pulls order history from your QuickBooks Online to generate a customized order template for each client. This customized order template is then shown to your sales reps in the field, which in turn helps them create accurate and profitable orders. Orders created on the Direct Store Delivery App by your sales rep can be printed via BlueTooth, signed digitally, and then entered directly into your QuickBooks Online with the push of a button.

Why is this important?

Imagine all of the time and efficiency that QuickBooks desktop gives you on a daily basis. Now you can combine that with a mobile app for quickbooks that lets you do what the desktop software doesn’t. With this, you can get the most out of your QuickBooks and minimize the amount of work for your office and your team. Ultimately, LaceUp has developed a QuickBooks mobile app that when used together with QuickBooks desktop enables you to maximize the return on investment from your employees and distribution enterprise.