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Why You Should Buy Mobiles Zebra Printers – Zebra Printer VS Brother Printer

Like many other B2B applications, LaceUp is required to integrate with various Bluetooth printers to fulfill client needs. Today, our clients are providing these printers to their DSD drivers so that they can generate physical invoices and reports from the field. The problem is that most of these companies don’t know what they are spending per month in paper, or what they could be saving by investing in modern printers.

Three weeks ago I was on the cusp of closing a sizable deal with a snack distributor here in Las Vegas. As usual there was one hang-up in the deal that had caused negotiations to drag on for over a month. The distributor had been utilizing the Brother (Model: PJ-523) to print for the last four years, and we weren’t integrated. Long story short, the close became contingent upon a one-off integration with a printer model that we’d never seen before. It is important to note that we usually go above and beyond to solve these types of problems for our clients. The problem was that they wanted us to install a Ferrari V-12 into a 1971 Ford Pinto, and that just didn’t make any sense important link. As a result, we put them on a one-month free trial with a brand new a brand new Zebra iMZ-320 in an attempt to showcase a superior printing alternative.

This one month free trial meant that we had to justify the replacement of 15 working printers with around $6,000 worth of new printers. Knowing the generation gap between the two models, we hypothesized that the Zebra would highly outperform the Brother in paper consumption. On Google we couldn’t find a breakdown of monthly paper usage for either printer, which prompted us to develop a simple model in Excel (Zebra-Printer-Paper-Calculator) to calculate and compare paper usage for each printer. After taking into account paper cost, roll length, and size, we determined that the Brother printer wasted $181.62 per month more in paper given the same printing circumstances. With this we were able to prove a three-year return of investment on the new printers. As you suspect, this led to the close of the deal and the subsequent adoption of the Zebra printers.

We have created (Zebra-Printer-Paper-Calculator) another spreadsheet to help you estimate what you spend per month on mobile printer paper. You can also utilize this to compare multiple printer brands and determine the largest return on investment. If you fill out the variable section on the spreadsheet, the output section will show you the cost of paper. Please keep in mind that every company is different and that you may have to tweak the spreadsheet to gather more accurate data. I hope this helps!

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